Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sperm Frendly Lubricants

Did you know that most water based lubricants contain some sort of spermicide or ingredients that can reduce sperm mobility? Well your not alone, most people believe that a water based lube has all natural ingredients but there wrong. Most water based lubricants contain ingredients that can irritate or can even weaken condoms let alone kill sperm.

Most water based lubricants can interfere with a woman's PH level making it near impossible for sperm to access the fallopian tubes. Sperm friendly lubricants match your body's natural lubrication, making it easier for sperm to reach the fallopian tubes. The lubricant also helps with dryness, if a woman cannot make her own lubricant it can make sex very painful.

The sperm friendly lubes can come in different textures like light (for better sensitivity) and thick (to mimic natural vaginal wetness). Sperm friendly lubes are just like other lubes but lacking in one ingredient...spermicides.

Most people actually prefer sperm friendly lubes to other lubes because it is condom safe, it doesn't irritate, it is highly recommended by health professionals and it makes a great anal lubricant!

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